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Contributing to the Ningaloo Atlas

The success and applicability of any Atlas-type product is dependent on content provided by the users.  The Ningaloo Atlas relies on the goodwill of it’s users to share data and generate content with the assistance of the Ningaloo Atlas Scientific Editor.  The more content that is provided, the more powerful the Ningaloo Atlas will become.

As such, any information you share increases the pool of accessible information for research, monitoring and reporting on the state of the greater Ningaloo region.  The availability of quality information will educate and support additional research and evidence based decision making.

The Ningaloo Atlas is an information management system designed to benefit the users and the health of the greater Ningaloo region.  As such, you decide the level and detail of information you are happy to provide, the ownership remains with you, and the Ningaloo Atlas merely provides a user friendly web portal location and some tools to share and showcase your data or information.

Contributing to the Ningaloo Atlas or the Ningaloo Atlas Blog is easy.  Simply contact the Ningaloo Atlas team via the Contact page and they will get in touch with you.