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Terms of use

By using the Ningaloo Atlas and the Content available on it, You are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Use.

Content that You access through the Ningaloo Atlas may also be subject to specific terms and conditions imposed by a Content/Data Provider, which may include certain licences to use the Content – such as Creative Commons licences.

The Terms of Use form the legally binding agreement between You, the Ningaloo Atlas and/or the Content/Data Provider.  The Terms of Use and/or specific terms and conditions of a Content/Data Provider may change at any time without prior notice.



You/User: means you as a website user.

Content/Data Provider: means an individual or organisation that makes Content available on or via the Ningaloo Atlas.

Ningaloo Atlas: the website http://ningaloo-atlas.org.au and associated web services, internet publishing tools, software, tools etc.

Content: contributions or content including but is not limited to, multimedia such as videos, sound files, photos, other images, music; textual material such as reviews, annotations, comments, forum and blog postings, information; biodiversity related information such as species names, morphology, taxonomy, behaviour, habitat, annotations, occurrence/sighting data, geospatial/location data, records, metadata; databases, datasets.  


Contributing content

The Ningaloo Atlas is an information management system designed to benefit Users and the health of the greater Ningaloo region.  As such, the Ningaloo Atlas Scientific Editor will work with You to generate Content, provide editorial and data processing assistance, assist with metadata information, and be responsible for the site design and maintenance.  As an expert in your field, You:

  • do not give up ownership of your information.
  • decide the level and detail of information You are happy to provide.
  • maintain control of the detail, accuracy, and message of the Content.
  • maintain ownership/copyright of the Content.
  • are free to make available, use or publish the Content elsewhere.

By contributing to the Ningaloo Atlas, You warrant that You own or created the Content or have the necessary rights, licenses or permissions to make the Content available on the Ningaloo Atlas, and that You will make reasonable efforts to ensure Your Content is accurate at the time You collected or created it or made it available on the Ningaloo Atlas.

At the time of adding Your Content, You should nominate the type of licence which will apply to your Content and how Users can use it.  You can select from a number of options but Creative Commons licences are recommended.


Using Content

If You use or download Content from the Ningaloo Atlas You:

  • recognise that most of it is protected by copyright, other intellectual property rights and/or moral rights and will respect those rights.
  • agree to acknowledge, reference or attribute the relevant Content/Data Provider and/or the Ningaloo Atlas in any derived information product, work or publication that is based on the relevant Content.
  • will comply with any licences that the Content/Data Provider may indicate regarding its use (e.g. personal use only, non-commercial use, not make derivatives).
  • will not remove any identifier of ownership or terms of use that is associated with the Content or data record.
  • recognise that the Content is provided without any warranty regarding its quality, accuracy, completeness, currency, relevance or suitability for any particular purpose and that You use the Content at Your own risk.
  • respect any restrictions regarding the availability of the data.

If you want to use Content otherwise in accordance with the Content/Data Provider’s licence, You need the approval or permission of the Content/Data Provider.



The Ningaloo Atlas and its Content are protected by copyright law.  Copyright in this material resides with the Ningaloo Atlas or various other Content/Data Providers as indicated.

The Ningaloo Atlas has accessed Content from many different sources.  All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the Ningaloo Atlas has properly acknowledged/attributed the source of the Content and obtained the necessary permissions.  If however you believe that the Ningaloo Atlas has not properly accessed your Content, please do not hesitate to contact ningaloo@aims.gov.au and your concerns will be immediately addressed.  The Ningaloo Atlas does not warrant that the use of any of its Content will not breach a third party’s intellectual property rights or other rights and that You use the Content at Your own risk.



The Ningaloo Atlas, linked sites and Content are intended to provide information for general and scientific use, to assist research and public knowledge, discussion and policy development.  As such, the Ningaloo Atlas makes the site and Content available on the understanding that You use them at Your own risk – they are provided ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ and You exercise Your own skill, judgement and care with respect to their use or Your reliance on them.

The Ningaloo Atlas and Content/Data Providers give no warranty regarding the quality, accuracy, completeness, currency, relevance or suitability for any particular purpose of the Content or the Ningaloo Atlas.

If you find any inaccurate, out of date or incomplete Content on the Ningaloo Atlas, or if You suspect that something is an infringement of intellectual property rights, You must let us know immediately by contacting ningaloo@aims.gov.au or the Content/Data Provider of the Content.


Links to external sites

The Ningaloo Atlas brings together information from a host of sources.  As such, the Ningaloo Atlas provides links to external websites, which it does not have direct control over the Content or the changes that may occur to Content on those external sites.

It is your responsibility to make Your own decisions about the accuracy, completeness, currency, relevance or suitability for any particular purpose of the Content on external sites.

The Ningaloo Atlas is not responsible for, and does not endorse, the Content on external sites.


Linking to the Ningaloo Atlas

The Ningaloo Atlas encourages the use of links on external websites to the Ningaloo Atlas homepage or other relevant pages on the Ningaloo Atlas.  However, such links should not suggest that Your site, organisation or services/products are endorsed by the Ningaloo Atlas.

The Ningaloo Atlas would appreciate it if You notified us at ningaloo@aims.gov.au of any links You make to the Ningaloo Atlas.


Security of the Ningaloo Atlas site

The internet exists across insecure public networks and while every effort is made to ensure that no Content is added to the Ningaloo Atlas site that contains malware, there is always a chance that the site is hacked or contains a security hole that allows a malicious third party to upload malware to the site.

The Ningaloo Atlas accepts no liability for any interference with or damage to Your computer system, software, or data occurring in connection with or relating to the Ningaloo Atlas site or its use including the tools provided.  You are encouraged to take appropriate and adequate precautions to ensure that whatever is selected from this site is free of viruses or other contamination that may interfere with or damage Your computer system, software or data.

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