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Detection of estradiol-17-beta during a mass coral spawn

Posted on 02 August 2011

TitleDetection of estradiol-17-beta during a mass coral spawn
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsAtkinson, S, Atkinson MJ
JournalCoral Reefs
Pagination33 - 35
Date Published4/1992
Keywordscoral, other
AbstractThe steroid estradiol-17beta (E2) is associated with female gametogenesis in all vertebrates and many invertebrates. This is the first report of estrogens in scleractinian corals. Seawater and egg slicks were collected during a mass coral spawn at Ningaloo reef, Western Australia for the measurement of total phosphate (TP) and E2. Total P in the water column increased 600 times, from 0.5mgrM to 300mgrM. Concentrations of E2 increased nearly 8 fold during the spawn, from 55 to 420 pg/100 ml seawater. Coral eggs collected from egg slicks contained 368±40 pg E2/g dry wt of eggs. Estrogen may be a key hormone in a simple endocrine system of scleractinian corals that synchronizes growth and development of coral oocytes. Its potential role in triggering spawning via chemical messengers in the water column warrants further research.
Short TitleCoral Reefs
Refereed DesignationRefereed