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Ningaloo Turtle Program annual report 2005-2006

Posted on 12 October 2011

TitleNingaloo Turtle Program annual report 2005-2006
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsRichards, A
Subsidiary AuthorsMau, R, Bedford S, Macgregor K, Silla A, Lewis B, Langdon M, Wilson E, Onton K
Date Published06/2006
InstitutionNingaloo Turtle Program
Report NumberAnnual report 2005-2006
Keywordsbiodiversity, Ningaloo, turtles
AbstractThe 2005/2006 Ningaloo Turtle Program (NTP) which includes the Ningaloo Community Turtle Monitoring Program (NCTMP) and the Jurabi Turtle Centre (JTC) resulted in an outstanding success. The program has again expanded from previous seasons with further increases in: · the number of volunteers’ hours contributed; · geographical areas monitored; · number of days monitored; and · number of nights of educational activities were held at the JTC. The Ningaloo Turtle Program has continued to grow with the expansion of community turtle monitoring to other regions in the Pilbara. The Ningaloo Community Turtle Monitoring Program has collected data over four successive turtle nesting seasons and obtained results indicating trends in turtle nesting activity on the North West Cape (Figure 1). · The abundance of turtle nesting activities on specific sections of beach and the relative significance of specific sections to each species of turtle have been established and monitored. · The abundance of turtle nesting activities over specified time intervals has been determined and monitored. · A significant loggerhead turtle rookery on the mainland of the Ningaloo coast has been identified at Bungelup in the Cape Range National Park and monitored for trends involving loggerhead turtles. · Targeted fox baiting programs have resulted in the reduction of fox presence and predation along three important turtle rookeries along the Ningaloo coast. · The rescue of 108 mature female turtles from stranding in the sand dunes over the four seasons has provided an added benefit to populations of recovering marine turtles. The Jurabi Turtle Centre commenced operations in 2004/2005 and continued development during the 2005/2006 nesting season. Education and interpretive information presented at the centre during turtle nesting season has provided a focus for turtle tourism along the Jurabi coast. It has been determined that education and interpretation alone has limited effectiveness and that the impacts of commercial tour operators can influence operational objectives. Further development of the management of visitor-turtle interactions is an outcome from this season. The capacity building and outreach component has resulted in monitoring of flatback rookeries at Port Hedland and flatback and hawksbill rookeries at Wickham. It has facilitated community turtle monitoring programs in the Pilbara and generated education and awareness towards marine turtle conservation in Pilbara communities.
Refereed DesignationUnknown
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