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Anemome distribution from towed video data

Posted on 17 April 2013

  • Ben Radford,
  • Andrew Heyward
  • AIMS

Anemone data description

A visual census of Anemone was conducted as part of the WAMSI Project 3.1.1. The broad aims of this project was to provide a characterisation of the major benthic habitat types of Ningaloo Marine Park (NMP) with descriptions of their spatial distribution.  Broad scale modelled spatial distributions of  Anemone probability of occurrence is presented. This modelled data is a) not an exhaustive exploration of the dataset and b) are currently in draft format subject to quality control and should be treated as indicative information.

Spatial modelling methods

The interactive maps and KML map files found on the Ningaloo Atlas contain spatially modelled data. Modelling methods are adapted from the GBR e-atlas while talking into account local context. ( see http://e-atlas.org.au/content/spatial-modelling-data-e-atlas)


Ben Radford, Andrew Heyward

Owner Institution(s) AIMS
Data Units Probabilities of occurrence from zero (predicted absent) to one (predicted presence) expressed as a decimal.
Region & Spatial Extent Ningaloo Marine Park (between the park outer boundary and 20 meter depth contour line)
Data Collection
2006 - 2008
Maintenance & Update Frequency ongoing
Resource Constraints Copyright remains with the data owner(s).
Fabricius K and De'ath G. 2008. photosynthetic symbionts and energy supply determine octocoral biodiversity in coral reefs. Ecology 89(11):3163–3173
Heyward A, Colquhoun J, Radford B, Fromont J, Fitzpatrick B, Harvey E, Twiggs E. 2009. Ningaloo Reef Marine Park Deepwater Benthic Biodiversity Survey; Progress report- summary of final field surveys and inital analysis. Report to the Western Australian Marine Science Institution Node 3 Project 1 Subproject 3.1.1: Deepwater communities and Ningaloo marine park.
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Dataset Short Name Ning_AIMS_Benthic-habitats-Anemome-pa