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Ningaloo Turtle Program annual report 2003-2004

Posted on 12 October 2011

TitleNingaloo Turtle Program annual report 2003-2004
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsCarter, R
Subsidiary AuthorsMau, R, McGrath K, Waayers D
Date Published07/2004
InstitutionNingaloo Turtle Program
Report NumberAnnual report 2003-2004
Keywordsbiodiversity, Ningaloo, turtles
AbstractThe Ningaloo Community Turtle Monitoring Program (NCTMP) conducted in the 2003/2004 turtle monitoring season was an outstanding success. Turtle activity during the months of December 2003– February 2004 was monitored with a high level of monitoring effort in the Graveyards and Hunters Sections in the North West Cape Division . A dedicated team totalling 63 volunteers participated and contributed to the 2003/2004 NCTMP. The employment of a Coordinator in July 2003 was instrumental in the successful recruitment and coordination of volunteers, and organisation of the daily business of the NCTMP. Based on the experiences of the 2003/2004 monitoring season, key recommendations for the program are: · The delegation of responsibilities to dedicated Team Leaders for the 2004/2005 monitoring season; · The provision of volunteer accommodation separate to the Coordinator’s residency; and · The expansion and consolidation of a partnership with the Commonwealth Department of Defence. The sourcing of ongoing funding and the investigation into establishing a community driven selfsustaining, long-term monitoring program will continue in the 2004/2005 financial year. WWF Australia will continue to remain committed to the program over the 2004/2005 financial year through the provision of funds and inkind support to the program. It is envisaged that Murdoch University will play less of a role in the coming season and that, in conjunction with the Program Coordinator, the Cape Conservation Group and Department of CALM will continue to drive the program from their offices in Exmouth. The amalgamation of a volunteer program with the operation of the Jurabi Turtle Centre will be piloted in the 2004/2005 turtle nesting season.
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