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AIMS Long term monitoring sites at Ningaloo Reef

Posted on 17 April 2013

  • Ben Radford
  • AIMS

These are the locations of benthic lifeform and substrate monitoring data from 1993 onwards. Data is maintined by the AIMS datacenter in the RM_VPOINT table of the NMPMP database. Percentage cover of different substrate types and benthic organisms (particularly corals), identified to benthic group or lifeform level. Videos are made along fixed transects and data is analysed from stills on a large video screen halted at specified time intervals. In additon to these Ningaloo sites, AIMS LTMP monitors about 50 selected reefs throughout the Great Barrier Reef. Transects are recorded at 3 sites per reef, and 3 50m transects per site. Visual transect data is stored in a separate table, and described as a separate but related dataset.